9. How to build a Power BI report

Nihar javiya
2 min readOct 26, 2021


Power BI reports are useful graphics, which can help to describe the dataset. A report could just be a single visual or pages of visuals. Lets get started..

  1. Before you can create any reports in Power BI, you need a dataset for this I am going to use House price data.

After successfully adding dataset, Click on your dataset to create a new report. Now you can see a blank canvas.

Now you have to add visuals to your report. And there are two ways to achieve that you can either:

Select the fields first then visualizations after Or if you have the specific visualization in mind, select the type of visual first then the fields after

We’ll go with the first method.

Select appropriate fields, While clicking those fields, a visual will appear on the canvas.

In order to change the type of visual, just head over to the visualizations pane and click the clustered chart icon.

Now you got your report in the visual type you preferred.

Similarly add different visuals and save your report.

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Nihar javiya