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Nihar javiya
6 min readNov 20, 2021



E-commerce is common trend in all the business. E-commerce stands for electronic commerce. Ecommerce means buying or selling any of the product related to the business-like fashion product over an internet. Now a days E-commerce influencing both market and customer. It is not just a way to boost the business of the product over the internet. It can whole traditional way of doing business and sales. Through the E-commerce massive growth is seen around the globe of trading and also made massive role in the economy in India. Also this model become more successful because of the start-ups as they make this model as primary way for business. E-commerce also made an effect on the environment. After this many of the years the E-commerce is not fully achieved its height of fullest use cases.


E-commerce website has the role of selling & buying the products over the internet. The goal of the website is to get customer about the details of the product and then proper payment setup followed. User have the facility to just access the site over net and then buy the product. Online store must provide all time access to the customer to buy the product any time of the day. First of all login feature must be present to authenticate the user or if the user is new then register. Then to display all the product which include the trending or featured product and then the user can add the product to the cart and if after some time they change the mind then they can also remove the product. After that the online payment must be there or now a day cash on delivery is go-to option. Also there are a lot of the feature which are not mention here but will discuss in further.


Through the business to customer company make substantial revenue saving, increase in the revenue, faster the delivery process, reduce the admin cost with good customer service. By seeing this E-commerce benefits it is the major area to explore and get good revenue from it.To fulfil the requirements of the customer the E-commerce company uses the B2C or B2B model. Although there are many of the web app over the internet but very few focus on the small business. The pro shop focus more on that by providing full customization to their online store by display their main product first, by adding more admins to the store to handle effectively, to confirm the delivery process and many more. So this web app can help small business to achieve their potential customer base.

System Design:

E-commerce web app is the process of designing, implementing with coding and then deploying the interfaces and information for an app to satisfy needs. App module can be owner side, customer side, management or delivery part and many more. For the implementation react is used to build dynamic interfaces and for the backend node is used and for database mongo DB.

Work Flow:

Pro Shop is divided into 2 main work flow one is the owner of online store and other is for the customer. From the authentication whole work flow is divided and for owner they get extra features like add/edit user, add/edit product and to update delivery status. Common features are review the product, add to the cart, and buy the product with pay pal payment system.

Authentication UI:

Authentication is the process of authenticate the user. So proper UI must require for the user which are new they must redirect to register page and the user which are old they redirect to login page.

Home Page UI:

After login or sign up first page is home page of our website. In this page you saw the product list and latest product. We also provide the slider in this page in this slider top revived product are listed.

Add Page UI:

In this page admin can add the new product to the app. In new product we put a field like product name, price, image, brand and description of the product etc. After adding the product this product shown in latest product.

Admin Privileges UI:

This page is only for admin. Admin can assign any one as an admin. In this page admin can see the product details and saw the order of product. Admin can see the order summary and only admin can confirm the order.

Cart Shipping UI:

In this page you can see your shopping cart. In this page you can see your orders. For placing the order you need to add your details and you shipping address. And after the payment your order is placed.

Checkout & Payment UI:

For payment we provide the two or more option. One with credit card and another with pay pal. For this you need to provide the debit or credit card details.

Amazon S3 Configuration:

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is an object storage service offering industry-leading scalability, data availability, security, and performance. We create a bucket in S3 and deploy the code in the s3.

CI/CD Pipeline:

AWS Code Pipeline is a fully managed continuous delivery service that helps you automate your release pipelines for fast and reliable application and infrastructure updates. Code Pipeline automates the build, test, and deploy phases of your release process every time there is a code change, based on the release model you define.

We will use AWS code pipeline tool for making pipeline with the use of that tool we can integrate the code, build the code and deploy the code. We can easily integrate AWS Code Pipeline with third-party services such as Git Hub or with your own custom plugin.


In the modern digital world all manual work is shifting to digital work by this time and efforts are not wasted. Through the pro shop owner can customized their store according to their needs and also the customer can easily find their required product. By this way both side owner and customer can be benefit.



Nihar javiya